A novel collection of protocols to build fully decentralized multi-user applications with. Like an open-source, decentralized Firebase.


A cross-platform productivity application suite, based on Librebase, using SvelteKit with Ionic.


A simple, intuitive and lightweight reactive programming library based on the signals design pattern, which has been popularised by many modern frontend JavaScript frameworks.

Recent Blog Posts

  • No servers, no masters.

    TL;DR: I’m designing and building an open, robust, private, secure, and fully peer-to-peer graph synchronisation application layer protocol that will power the trustless decentralised web. The goal eliminate ANY requirement for centralised servers, even for complex tenanted apps with organisations and permissions.

  • Migrating to Hugo

    Earlier this month I migrated the website of my events and music brand, NRGLAB, from a dynamic Express app to a fully static Hugo website.

  • Home Server Update

    I have decided to log updates to my home network/server setup. It’s really nothing fancy as of now - it’s literally just an old laptop hooked up to a hard drive enclosure.